There is something about the name, “Bulgaria” which elicits feelings of mystery and amusement at being called a “Bulgarian.” I  do know some wonderful Bulgarian folk, but the name just gets me thinking about bombs and crime and so on. I am, most probably, a Bulgarian bigot. A bomb blew up  the car of an important Bulgarian journalist in Sofia just as an EU mission had arrived in town for a visit. This bombing came a week after violence broke out in several Bulgarian towns when attacks were made on Roma citizens.

Sociologist Antoniy Galabov believes the purpose of this bombing was to discredit the current government and create the idea of chaos being the norm in Bulgaria. Some connect the bombing with members of opposition parties which seek to win the next election.

In all honesty, my good Bulgarian friends, your country has earned a reputation for crime and violence–like the Mafia which is connected with Italians. Perhaps, you guys should change your name to -Imperitelli or Luciano. Then, whenever there is a bombing in Bulgaria, you can blame it on the Italian mafia!