Bright Yacht Owners Sail Off East Africa Coast-Guess What?

I am an inhabitant of planet Earth which means I know something concerning what is occurring on this war plagued piece of land. Paul and Rachel Chandler, two English people who I assume are also inhabitants of this planet and have a tiny bit of knowledge about world affairs have a yacht. Well, it was vacation time and like good yacht people they decided to head for a nice warm climate. Did they go to sunny Italy? Or the coast of Turkey? Of course not, they are yacht owners and have the right to go anywhere they darn please. So, the yacht owners headed for the east coast of Africa and wandered around the coast line of Tanzania. Surprise. They were captured by Somali pirates and their yacht was last seen heading back to Somalia while towing the skiff which most probably contained the pirates who captured their ship.

I sometimes wonder how people think. Who in their right mind would be anywhere near the east coast of Africa, particularly, within 700 hundred miles of Somali pirates!! Yes, they are prisoners. Yes, they will be ransomed. Yes, they are not the two brightest people on this planet.