Chinese Government Defends Free Speech!

I realize there are people who do not appreciate efforts by the government of China to protect the doctrine of freedom of speech. OK, so perhaps, the Chinese version of free speech is not exactly what so many in the world regard as free speech, but the real issue is intent. The Chinese government wants to protect its population from capitalist evils like having Michele  Bachmann or Rick Perry spouting words that make absolutely no sense. The Chinese government wants to protect ALL people from the garage which daily comes from Fox News.

Chinese poet, Zhu Yufu wrote a poem which contained the following line:  “It’s time Chinese people. It’s time, the Square belongs to all.” We assume he was referring to Tainanmen Square. According to the court of law and order which heard this case, these words constitute a deliberate effort  of “inciting subversion of state power.” Actually, the court is right, words can subvert state power.

So, Mr. Yufu is off to  jail for seven years. The issue is how long can these ridiculous rulings continue in any court of law!