Joe Lieberman– Little Man With Big Ego!

Every so often in life, a man whose moral compass is off center is thrust into situations in which the larger world actually has to listen to him declaim on many things as though he really knows something. Such is Senator Joseph Lieberman whose vote is critical to securing the necessary 60 required to prevent a filibuster in the US Senate. He was rewarded for this need by being appointed to head a Homeland Security committee and now the mouth that enjoys roaring is once again proving he is a little, little, petty man. Joe is demanding that the military provide him confidential information concerning the personnel file of Major Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood killer.

Joe wants the file and wants to make it public in order to have a carnival as part of his efforts at being important in life. The Army has quietly informed Mr. Ego that release of a personnel file of an individual who is part of a criminal investigation is not legal. But, to Joe, when Joe wants something, you had better deliver it, law or no law. Doesn’t the Army realize it is dealing with SENATOR JOSEPH LIEBERMAN!!