Let Them Drink Beer If We Break Down Their Door!

The search for drug dealers all too often results in the innocent being the ones who suffer. Police in Southampton Hampshire in England broke down the door of a house and pushed Anthony McVey against the wall yelling and screaming at their fortune in finding the noted drug dealer in his home. Oops, it was not the home of any drug dealer, but that of McVey and Kayleigh Hill as well as two small children. The alleged drug dealer had once lived in the building but had long since gone. OK, the door is broken, the family is frightened, children are crying and police are searching the apartment for a non-existent person. So, what do the police do once they realize it is the wrong man and the wrong family? They do what any decent police unit would do–they return the next day and present the family with a bottle of beer worth $2.50 and some flowers.

Oh, the police unit is trying to raise some money to pay for the busted door. I wonder if they might contact the drug dealer and secure his financial assistance. After all, it used to be his door!