Mitt Connecting With People

Mitt Romney is beginning a bus tour in order to prove to liberals and their Socialist allies that he is really one of the people. OK, so he keeps a dog strapped on top of the bus, but he does own a dog which proves that he not only cares about “the people,” but he cares about their best friend. On this tour, Mitt will not be wearing a jacket since he is one of “the people” and people don’t wear jackets in the summer. And, during this tour, one can expect strong words from him concerning  lack of jobs. He fully intends to fight to the last dollar in order ensuring that Wall Street folk all have good jobs.

I realize there are cynics who note Mitt receives millions of dollars from Wall Street folk. But, that money really represents “the people”speaking. Americans invest their money in Wall Street. Hedge fund and stock brokers take their money and donate to Mitt. See, this is simply proof that Mitt represents the people and is supported by them.

We can assure all “the people” that Mitt will eat hot dogs and beans during the bus tour. This is proof he not only will shit  from the rear end, but supply plenty of shit from his mouth. Can Barack do that??