Myanmar Troops Occupy Buddhist Monasteries

Myanmar troops swept into Buddhist monasteries, sealed off areas by locking gates, and placing barbed wire around many religious centers in their efforts to halt further protests against the military junta which controls Burma. There are reports at least ten people are dead although exiled Burmese believe the figure might be much higher. Southeastern Asian diplomats have urged the Burmese military to compromise and avoid bloodshed, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Asian observors witnessed hundreds of people beaten with batons, herded onto trucks and arrested where they most probably face further beating and torture in prisons.

Southeast Asian diplomats expect that once the monks are contained in the monasteries, the military junta will turn its attention toward protestors who were shouting, “give us freedom.” Unfortunately, in the absence of pressure or actions from the outside world, those who shouted will face brutality and torture.