NBA-No Basketball Association!

GREED is the operating word for those who have millions and this attitude dominates negotiations for a new contract in the NBA. Yes, basketball players make incredibly high salaries. Yes, many NBA players are over-paid. Yes, players are pampered individuals who are egotistical and don’t give a damn for their own fans. Many years ago, a player would spend his entire career in one city and establish a commitment to those who cheer him on. Alas, those days are gone, and today an NBA player is a nomad in search of money

Ironically, wealthy business owners oppose government restrictions on their salaries, but believe it is OK to limit what NBA players can make. Ironically, wealthy business owners believe they have the right to earn as much money as they can, but for some strange reason they oppose such rights to their own NB A players. NBA negotiations are all about greed.

I assume when both sides finally reach an agreement the outcome will be higher ticket prices for fans who, as always, must foot the bill of greed.