Norway May Boycott Olympic Ceremony

The Norwegin government has been shocked by actions of China both in Tibet and its persecution of dissident critics. There is growing consensus among many Norwegians that their government should assume leadership in fighting for human rights in the world. Amnesty International has just released a scathing report which charges the Chinese government with increasing pressure on dissidents as their nation prepares to host the Olympics. Both Liberal and Conservative party leaders in Norway believe attending the opening ceremony would be the wrong message to send to China.

Some Norwegians are urging Gerhard Heiberg, their representative on the Olympics Committee to use the power of that organization to exert pressure on China to halt its repressive policies toward those who disagree with the government.

There is always the possibility of some mistake on the part of Chinese officials if an athlete makes derogatory remarks about the lack of human rights in China. Any action against an athlete would most probably result in cancellation of the Olympic Games.

  • Robert Smith

    Current Tibet Issue is not human right issue. It ‘s actually the issue of police action to protect society. If the police have no prompt response while people were attached, killed and over thousands of their properties were burn down, the head of police should be condemn for not doing his job and must be sacked. If someone wish to boycott coming Olympic, they are really not deserve the hospitality to the visitors.

  • Fred Stopsky

    The Chinese government has colonized Tibet. Like most colonizations, some economic benefits accrue to people. But, their right to pursue their own culture and values is damaged.