Pity Dictators

Th current head of Kenya was involved during the prior election in attacks upon opponents that entailed beatings, rape, and murder.The African Union is asking the International Criminal Court not to place on trial Uhuru Kenyatta because his conviction would destabilize Kenya. Sounds OK to me. If only in 1945, the victorious allies had not executed poor Adolf Hitler, then Germany would not have been destabilized and Adolf could have completed his program of kiling Jews. A major problem in the world is the manner in which we treat those who kill people. For some strange reason, some believe raping women is a crime!Think of all those in Greece or Hungary or Russia who now yearn for the good old days when Adolf and the guys were still around. Today, they march through the streets of Athens with out stretched hands in honor of those who murdered their grandparents!

It is time to pass legislation which exempts anyone who has run a country for over ten years to be convicted of anything other than seeking power. A new law should grant eternal power to anyone who has been in power for over ten consecutive years. Are you reading this, Vladimir?