Scalia Scales Height Of Stupidity

Justice Antonin Scalia is regarded as a man with an excellent mind, at least he is willing to admit his mind is much superior than that of liberal justices. In the court case of Citizens United, Scalia backed the concept of corporations being people and thus entitled to free speech and the right to spend as much money as they desire on elections. In three primaries, over $30 million already has been spent and candidates forced to confront ads financed by Super Pacs which smear and distort.

Scalia is not the sort of justice who believes in justice for all. He made clear to those who disagree with his interpretation, that he has absolutely no interest in their complaints. “I don’t care who is doing the speeches. The more the merrier. People are not stupid. If they don’t like it, they will turn it off.”

I agree with Scalia that people are not stupid. However, as for justices being stupid……