Sorry, Wrong Number!

The general revulsion in the West towards President Ahmadinejad who has led Iran into becoming a dictatorship of both the clergy and the armed forces, often results in misinterpretation of how Iranians regard their country’s leadership. Iran possesses a large class of well educated men and women who serve in all aspects of society including government work. Reality for the Iranian government is need for trained personnel to staff embassies and UN committees. Local thugs who enjoy beating up students would not come across very well in European capitals. Hossein Alizadeh holds the number two position in Iran’s embassy in Helsinki. One day a few weeks ago he left work, went home to his beautiful apartment and now refuses to go to work, let alone answer the phone since he knows the voice at the other end is confused about his whereabouts. He is the third recent Iranian diplomat who simply walked off the job because he could not stand Ahmadinejad’s brutality. Last month, Reza Haydari resigned as Iran’s Consul in Norway.

These men believed in the original purpose of the Iranian revolution back in the seventies, but today they witness mass brutality, stifling of any voice expressing a divergent opinion, and a return to medieval methods of murder for those who violated some moral edict of the clergy.