South African Schools Viewed As Dangerous

A report by the South African Institute of Race Relations reported that only 23% of South African students believe their schools are safe places in which to learn. South African schools ranked about 25% lower than the world average of 47% who believe schools are free from violence. Norway, Denmark and Sweden have at 70% the highest rate of students who regard their school as a safe place in which to learn. Thomas Blaser of the Institute commented: “The findings of the sstudy suggested that media reports of school violence were not merely isolated incidents but part of a growing pattern of violence and disorder.”

Of the 535,000 students who took the year-end matriculation exam, over 200,000 failed. It is estimated about 535,000 students were ejected from South African schools last year and will join the ranks of the unemployed. It is not easy overcoming decades of neglect for poor children in South Africa, but at some point, the nation must undertake the difficult road to ensuring meaningful and safe education for their children.