Trouble At Mid-East Corral?

There was high expectation the United States would take a pro-active role in Middle Eastern peace negotiations when President Obama began the year by asserting an objective manner in dealing with issues rather than pursuing the Bush “Israel can do no wrong” approach. But, something happened along the way and Obama slowly, but surely, assumed the position of defending Israel disregard for international law and adopted the attitude by never being critical of Israel actions it would result in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu becoming receptive to new approaches to dealing with Palestinian needs. If that was his expectation, it never happened.

Amir Moussa, head of the Arab League, told Reuters there was need for the United Nations to assume a role as mediator of Middle Eastern issues. “There should be a change in the direction of the peace process by having a mediator who understands the needs of the two parties and not one party.” Gee, I wonder who he means by having a “mediator” who supports the ideas of one party?

It is time for the US to step aside unless the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can assume the role of being objective mediators who seek to resolve issues, not just to placate Israel desires.