US Officer Charges Pakistan Aided Taliban

A recent report by Lt. Col. Chris Nash who fought in Afghanistan that claims the Pakistani military gave considerable support to the Taliban has created a storm of controversy. Col. Nash was embedded in eastern Afghanistan from June, 2007 to March, 2008. He described a battle in late June, 2007 in which his men were fighting the Tablian in the Tora Bora mountains and at a critical point in the battle the Pakistan air force flew several missions to the Taliban base in order to resupply those fighters. “A holo(helicopter) flew in the valley, went to where we knew there was a base camp, land(and) fifteen minutes later too off.” Nash insists Afghan officers told him they knew the Pakistan military was providing assistance to Taliban forces.

Other officers have expressed surprise at Nash assertions that Pakistan has been aiding the Taliban. However, Nash points out the average Taliban soldier makes four times that earned by the average Afghani because of economic assistance from Pakistan. He points out “on numerous occasions, Afghan border police checkpoints and observation posts were attacked by Pakistan military forces. ” Colonel Nash witnessed a growing ability of Taliban troops to utilize rather sophisticated military operations which most probably were taught by trained Pakistan military forces.

There are two versions floating around concerning if Pakistan has been aiding the Taliban. One point is without dispute, the ISI of Pakistan created the Taliban. Come to your own conclusion.