Wal Mart Sells Guns Not Disarms Gunmen!

The scene was one that could be seen almost any day of the year in any department store in the land. Two employees saw a man place an item under his shirt and head for the door. The two employees of Wal-Mart, approached the man and escorted him to the office with the help of two other Wal-Mart employees. The thief, Trent Allen Longston, suddenly pulled a gun out from his shirt and grabbed one of the employees named Stewart and headed for the door. The other three Wal-Mart men grabbed Longston, and disarmed the man. The police report said the four men acted in “the best interest and safety” of all concerned including people in the store. Ah, but this is corporate America in which there is a regulation and procedure in writing for most actions of employees. The four men were not praised by Wal-Mart–THEY WERE FIRED! The man are charged with violating guidelines of “Investigation and Detention Of Shoplifter Policy.”

What ever happened to common sense? What ever happened to recognizing that your employees were protecting your damn multi-billion dollar empire at risk to their own lives? I wonder what the Walton family would say if the person who had a gun in his back was named Walton?

As Mr. Stewart, who was fired, noted: “I honestly felt betrayed.”