Welcome China To Africa?

It was just a few decades ago that Chinese products began appearing on the African continent and shortly after arrived Chinese workers plunging into various activities ranging from building railroads to factories and to stadiums for rulers of these nations. If one desired a new hospital or a convention center, simply contact your local Confucius Center and money would be available. However, it is increasingly clear to people of the African continent that arrival of Chinese money is usually followed by arrival of Chinese workers to do the building. Africans expected that Chinese money would result in high paying jobs for African workers but that dream has yet to become reality. It is quite easy to lure an African leader with a road or police station or some visible physical entity that was built with Chinese labor.

The end result of this process is making available to the Chinese government huge tracts of land for agriculture which is cultivated by Chinese workers. Africa supplies the land, China the money, and profits head eastward to Asia. It is simply a modern version of colonialism and the colonists speak Chinese!