“What’s Good For Goldman Sachs, Is Good For NYC!”

A strange story is emerging from the media which constantly blasts President Obama for reaping billions of dollars on Wall Street in order to save it from its own mistakes. Republican leaders are now complaining the Democrats are trying to destroy the economy by proposing restrictions on what hedge funds and brokers can do with the money of Americans. The New York Daily News in an editorial was honest when it told the world, “what’s good for Goldman Sachs is good for the city(NYC)” The editorial went on to complain punishing Goldman Sachs for selling subprime securities to people they knew were of doubtful worth and then reaping a billion dollar fee when the securities plummeted, was simply hedge funds doing what they are supposed to do– ripping off clients?

The Daily Noose and Republicans are up in arms at plans by the Obama administration to tighten the screws on Wall Street. In other words, Wall Street is entitled to make money, and if it encounters a few difficulties, it is entitled to government bail out money. BUT, DON’T YOU DARE TIGHTEN THE SCREWS ON THEM! After all, that is just like SOCIALISM!!