Who Is To Blame??

I watch Fox News and learn that Barack Obama really did not win the recent election.  Victory in this election came about due to hurricane Sandy or  to those   foreign illegal immigrants who fail to appreciate what we white folk have done for them. After all, it is we whites who allow them to pick peaches, pick tip garbage nd work in meat packing plants. Instead of expressing some gratitude these shiftless lazy bums voted for the black dude.

Of course, those wonderful Americans who gave over $380 million of their hard earned money are a bit upset. How come America did not get on its knees and thank Sheldon Adelson and his coterie of wealthy folk? They had the money, they had the message–love the wealthy and down with the poor– and for some strange reason these modern Americans turned away from American ideals and went with Socialism! Bill O’Reilly hit the right note, Republicans lost because they could not beat Santa Claus.

It comes down to the party of Santa Claus vs the party of God fearing decent           caring folk. Santa wins every time.    I guess this means Republicans will have to embrace Santa. Americans have to desire having a car elevator in their homes and if they think this way, the Republicans will win every election!