Wonderful Finnish Multicultural Plan For Immigrants!

Finland has witnessed a dramatic increasing in the number of immigrants from all over the world which is a new phenomenon in its society. A bright Finnish woman noticed that most immigrants were arriving as members of a family, but they had been compelled to leave behind grandparents. Mirja Riihimaa came up with the idea of organizing a program that links Finnish elderly men and women with newly arrived immigrants in order to create the presence of grandparents for children. Many come from African communties in which the elderly are respected are delighted with having an elderly Finnish grandfather or grandmother in their homes.

The Ghana family of Dora and Emanuel Ayisi-Agyel now includes their Finnish grandparents Ritva Ny and Pauli Ny and their children have someone who is elderly playing an important role in their lives. Th Ghana family plans to take their Finnish grandparents on a trip to Ghana sometime this year.

For further information on this wonderful program, please contact:

Jane Kivilahti Phone: 044 9544377
E Mial; janemigwe@hotmail.com