South African leader, Archbishop Desmond Tutu once referred to Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe as the caricature of the African dictator and each passing day the verity of those words is proven by the rambling discourse of the Zimbabwean tyrant. He recently told a CNN interviewer that seizing land from white owners which cost the jobs of 300,000 black Zimbabweans was “the best thing that could ever have happened to an African country.” He argued Zimbabwe belongs to the Zimbabwean people”

Of course, the question is which Zimbabwean people own the nation of Zimbabwe. Under the kleptomaniac rule of Mugabe, land taken from whites has been given to friends of Mugabe, used to buy off military leaders and to enrich the Mugabe family. It was not sanctions that caused the economy to collapse but the incompetent fool hardy policies which transferred productive land into the hands of unproductive people whose dream was quick money, not the economic development of their nation.