You’re Fired! I Think

Once upon a time there was a man who claimed to be president of the nation of Russia. His name was Dimity Medvedev. His Finance Minister,  Alexei Kudrin was with the president at a TV conference, when Medvdev told him that he was being fired. A few hours later, Kudrin informed his boss that he would first have to check with the top boss, Prime Minister Vladmir Putin as to whether the boss of Putin had a right to fire anyone without consulting the man who reports to him. Putin did send the resignation of Kudrin to the president a few hours later.

In modern Russia, there is a president and there is a prime minister. But, in modern Russia, the prime minister tells the president what to do. Of course, this will all change once Putin resumes offiicially being the president of Russia come the next election.

Oh, Dimitry will now become prime minister. I guess the president will allow him to have his own toilet.