A Letter to Stars & Stripes

The following is a letter to Stars & Stripes.

“I am a veteran who has earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart during his deployment in Iraq. I hadn’t complained about being here, nor had I heard many complaints about it. That is, until this ‘new’ deployment extension plan came along. I didn’t mind the extension, what aggravates one is that we’re being told we’re better off getting a day off instead of $1,000 for each extra month deployed. Basically, they’re calling a plan that gives us longer tours with the same amount of time off that we were supposed to get anyway, a ‘new’ plan.

To add insult to injury, we’re being denied $1,000 a month in favor of one day off for each extra month. Let us do the math. Twelve months minus three to four months of training equal ‘unfair to me no matter how you put it.’

If you think the military is broken now, wait one more year after the realization of this ‘new’ plan and you’ll see a broken, splintered, and fractured military.”
-Staff Sgt. Gary D. Gardner, Forward Operating Base McHenry, Iraq

As I read this letter, I was wondering if President Bush and the Republican Party might ask wealthy people to deploy some of their tax cuts into payments of $1,000 to each serviceman for each additional month served in combat. Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?
Information from Stars & Stripes