A Salute To A Courageous American

Liam Madden, 22, who is a member of the Individual Ready Reserve, rejected a deal from the Marine Corps to cease his political speeches and opposition to the fighting in Iraq which he terms a “war crime.” The IRR consists of those who completed active duty requirements and are then assigned to the IRR until they have completed 8 years duty. Madden argues that he is a civilian and no longer subject to military regulations so wearing part of his uniform in an anti-war protest was legal.

Madden is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and refuses to keep quiet. In a letter to the board which was to hear his case, he said: “I understand men in your position have their careers to think about, as I’m positive many German Colonels did in 1939.” The ACLU is arguing that once an individual leaves active duty they are no longer bound by military regulations which can govern when a uniform can be worn.

Americans should be proud we have soldiers like Liam Madden. They place country before obedience, an attitude that was not present in the German military during the thirties and forties.