A Soldier Speaks

We print the following letter sent to the Stars & Stripes by a combat soldier.
“Carter is one of the few people who has the fortitude to speak the plain truth about this one (administration). It doesn’t surprise me an officer would find such remarks offensive. We all know that many officers (not all) do encourage and seek deployments so that they may seek a cluster, bird or star.

Carter is saying what we soldiers have been saying these past five years. Sen. John Kerry’s words could not have been truer when he said that if you don’t get a good education you will be ‘stuck in Iraq.’ This is my fourth deployment and I have not met one soldier who thinks we should be, or even wants to be, in Iraq. I just wish some of our leaders would stand up and hold their ground to those neo-conservatives in Washington.

If we can get those Ann Coulter Republicans out of Congress, then maybe we can get home. Since this current administration is adamant on keeping us in this current quagmire, out only option is to wait until the 2008 elections. What truly amazes me though is that they have money for wars, but can’t feed the poor.”
Stars & Stripes June 5, 2007 “Carter Speaks the Truth”