Air Force Academy Short Of Minority Recruiting Goals

The Air Force Academy will miss goals for admitting blacks and Hispanics for the class of 2011, despite an emphasis on minority recruiting according to Superintendent Lt. Gen. John Regni. He expressed concern that the Defense Department was taking away power of military academies to grant special inducements or favors to minority candidates, which include granting waivers to academic entrance requirements. The Defense Department is also slashing 100 slots from the Air Force Preparatory School which includes a mix of former airmen and high school recruits, including many minorities. About 240 prep school students go through an 11-month program each year with about four out of five earning academy appointments.

Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne complained that African American congressmen who are given slots to fill at military academies have not show an interest in getting actively involved to persuade young black males and females to attend these institutions. Regni noted that presently about 4% of the Air Force Academy student body is black, but fewer than 30 of the incoming 1060 cadets will be black. General Regni says he continually is told to increase minority recruitment, but many policies hinder achievement of that goal.
Information from Air Force Times