Air Force War Fleet Wearing Out

According to the head of the Air Force’s fighting fleet, an increasing number of planes are worn out and not fit for combat duty. General Ronald Keys, who heads Air Combat Command, noted the average age of an Air Force warplane is 24 years old. Arcing wires near fuel tanks recently forced the Air Force to ground its fleet of U-2 spy planes, and the Air Force recently purchased replacement wings for 132 A-10 planes.

“This is not about flash and dash,” said Keys. “I don’t want to write a letter, or have my successor write a letter, ‘Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith, your son or daughter are dead because the wing fell off on take off. We knew it was going to fall off, we just didn’t’ know when.’ That’s kind of what we’re getting into.”

There is something wrong with this country when some people continue believing George Bush “cares about the troops” and his critics do not care. An aging air force, men and women sent into combat in a war that has no “victory,” and still about 40% of the population supports Bush incompetence which is resulting in the deaths of their sons and daughters.
Information from Military Times