Airman Attacks Gays, Minorities and Gov. Schwarzenegger

An aide to the top ranking general of the California National Guard was revealed to have a web site in which he urges mass violence, spews hatred toward women, gays, and Governor Schwarzenegger of California. Travis Gruber explained, “I was under the impression I was writing anonymously.’

I guess if it was anonymous, we should all just forget what he wrote. The good news is the quick action by military officials to get rid of this creature who holds a responsible position but is unaware of his responsibilities to his fellow servicemen. Women, gays, and minorities are risking their lives in Iraq. I figure, Arnold can handle himself and doesn’t need any of my help.

  • Nick

    Why does Arnold Schwarzenegger not need your help? Is it because he is a white male, or is it because he is in such a position of power as Governor?

  • Fred Stopsky

    I was joking. Arnold has made a reputation of being a person who can handle any situation. Honest, I was kidding.