America Split On Military Action Against Iran

A recent poll appearing in USA TODAY indicates Americans are split over the issue of military action against Iran with 46% supporting it and 45% in opposition. Some critics of such surveys blame the manner of posing the question of military action as a reason so many are in favor of attacking Iran. For example, if the follow up said, “Do you support an American land attack on Iran?” the results might be markedly different. The poll indicates great concern about Iran’s development of a nuclear bomb, but three-fourths believe the US “will be too quick to use military force.” The voices of fear have been heard from virtually all Republican candidates vying for the presidential nomination and they repeatedly claim Iran is close to having an atomic bomb. The poll also indicated only 31% of Americans approve of the job being done by Bush and, for the first time, 50% “strongly disapprove” of his performance.

The high number of people supporting military action is a result of failure on the part of the media to present alternative voices about what really is going on in Iran and presenting realistic information about the state of Iran’s nuclear development program. America is also faced with a president who intends to stir up fear and hate as his only option to win over support from Americans who have lost faith in his leadership.