Ask and Tell

The Stars & Stripes recently wrote an article defending the rights of pagans to practice their religious beliefs. Following is a letter from one of the pagan.

“I am a Celtic deist and a practitioner of druidism. This article will hopefully open the eyes of many people who were misinformed, and show them that not only are we good people who are not the dark beings people believe we are, but to persecute these groups because of their religions could very well be detrimental to their careers.”
Staff Sergeant Gioacchino Giarino, Taji, Iraq.

I gather it is OK to say and tell that one is a follower of druidism, but it is not OK to say that one is gay or lesbian. Or, are we to assume that no one in the Pentagon has considered witchcraft belief or druidism as possible factors that might endanger national security and the ability to men and women to work together in combat. It is OK to tell the buddy next to you, “I am a Celtic deist,” but the world will shake if you say, “I am gay.”