Bill Would Block Bonuses For Top VA Officials

The House of Representatives moved swiftly to push through a bill that would freeze bonuses awarded to senior officials at the VA by the generous Bush administration. Congressmen were furious that these so-called successful men had done nothing to deal with the backlog of cases involving veteran benefits, claim-files which number in the hundreds of thousands.

Rep. John Hall, chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs committee said, “It is shocking and scandalous even by the VA’s own low standards that top officials of the VA would be getting the most lucrative performance bonuses in government when there is a backlog of over 600,000 claims.”

Actually, I believe Congressman Hall is missing the point. According to Republican thinking, if a Democrat ran the VA, the backlog would be over two million, so it is only fair to award bonuses to men who got it down to 600,000. Everyone knows when Democrats are in office corruption and incompetence reign, so when we have Republican corruption and incompetence we should be happy. Can’t you hear George shouting to VA officials, “great job, guys,”
Information from Air Force Times