Blair Told In 2003 To Delay Invasion

It is always fascinating how right wing media pundits shout and scream whenever caution or delay is urged prior to taking military action. Senator John McCain sharply criticized Obama for taking his time in order to make a military decision. Major General Time Cross, who advised former prime minister Tony Blair, revealed he had urged the British leader to delay invading Iraq until there was greater clarity as to what would happen once the military had gained the expected victory. “I told him that there was not clarity on what was going to be needed” once victory was gained. Of course, Blair went right ahead and we still live with the end result of that decision.

Ironically, the exact same advice was given President Bush by Chief of Staff General Shinseki who wanted more troops on the ground in order to handle the aftermath of war. Is it not surprising that those like Limbaugh or Cheney or Bush who have never fought for their country are gung ho about war and death? Only the cowards are brave and willing to allow others to die for their follies.