Bonuses For the Incompetent

Congressman Harry Mitchell who chairs a subcommittee of House Veterans Affairs has blasted the Veterans Administration for handing out bonuses ranging up to $33,000 for outstanding work. Individuals who received these handouts were administering an organization that had a backlog of 600,000 disability claims. It appears in Bush-world no one is average, since by definition, if you are given a position by George Bush it means you must be outstanding. We all recall Bush’s praise of “Brownie” for his outstanding work during Hurricane Katrina.

Complaints about the Veterans Affairs department are coming from all directions. Republican Congresswoman Ginnie Brown-Waite wants to know why bonuses were given people who worked in areas that received unfavorable audits and provided poor care to patients.

Sometimes, in moments of care and concern, I feel sorry for George Bush. He is in over his head, and since those around him are sycophants who fear displeasing the leader, no sense of reality creeps into the oval office.