British Generals Blast US Iraq Planning

Two retired British generals involved in the Iraq war came out fighting with angry words about inept US planning for the invasion and lack of any sensible postwar planning. General Tim Cross said “Right from the very beginning(in 2003) we were all very concerned about the lack of detail that had gone into the postwar plan and there is no doubt that Rumsfeld was at the heart of that process.” On Saturday, Gen. Sir Mike Jackson blamed Rumsfeld whose approach to the war was “intellectually bankrupt” and Rumsfeld’s claim that US forces “don’t do nation building” was nonsensical.

The words of these British generals convey anger and contempt for American leadership in Iraq which most probably was felt from day one of the invasion. The tragedy is that Prime Minister Blair refused to listen to his own military leaders and also failed to convey their ideas to President Bush. Most probably, had Blair told the truth, Bush would have rejected it since Rumsfeld and Cheney could do no wrong in his view.