British Soldier Blasts American Invasion

An experienced British officer wrote the BBC saying the “invasion was illegal, immoral and unwinnable.” He claims this is the “overwhelming feeling of many of my peers.” He also accuses the media’s being embedded with the U.S. Army of resulting in a failure to question “the intentions and continuing effects of the US-led invasion and occupation.”

The media essentially has gotten off very easy considering its failure to objectively analyze the war in Iraq. The media bought into Bush’s statements about WMD as well as the excuses why there was an insurgency in Iraq. One can still read columnists who trot out tired cliches about Iran being responsible for arming and equipping insurgents despite the fact Iran hates al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and most radical Sunni insurgents. Future historians will tear to pieces the American media for its ignorance, its willingness to do anything in order to get an official to say something, and its cowardly attitude toward challenging those in authority who were, and still are, spouting blatant stupidity.