Bush Opposes Pay Raises

The Bush administration asked for a 3% pay raise and is furious because Democrats in Congress are pushing legislation that provides members of the armed forces a raise of 3 and a half percent. According to the White House, “When combined with the overall military benefit packing, the president’s proposal provides a good quality of life for service members and their families. While we agree military pay must be kept competitive, the 3% raise…. Will do that.” Bush budget officials termed the additional money in the Democrat proposal “unnecessary.” Bush people are also upset at new benefits for disabled retirees and survivors of retirees.

I continue hearing from Republican friends how Hillary and other Democrats in Congress will “not support our troops.” It has become their mantra, Democrats oppose our troops and George stands fast in defending them. But, it is the Democratic Party which has been attempting to raise pay, to assist the disabled and to help retired veterans and their survivors in time of need. Could Republicans explain why they will fight to the death for tax cuts, but expect our service men and women to fight to their deaths so the wealthy will not suffer?
Information from Air Force Times