Bush Threatens Veto of Pay Raise

President Bush has threatened to veto new legislation that gives fighting men and women a raise of 3.5% instead of the 3% he proposed. The president is concerned over excessive spending by the military. He also opposes making it easier for reservists to retire with high pensions. Of course, Bush is really angry at attempts to ensure those held as “terrorists” be accorded the right of confronting accusers or due process. President Bush has made it quite clear he opposes applying the Constitution to those accused of being “terrorists.”

It is so reassuring knowing the president has the knowledge to decide who is or isn’t a terrorists without trials or evidence. I guess it comes from his gut instincts. Of course, I am not surprised he opposes higher pay increases for the military, after all, we don’t want to have excessive military spending. Mr. President, if you are so concerned, why not get our armed forces out of Iraq?