Can Being Negative Be Positive?

Following is a letter to the Stars & Stripes:
“I am amazed how often your cover stories highlight the loss of troops and portray our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan negatively. The cover of June 22 is a good example. The main headline reads:’14 U.S. troops killed in Iraq over three days.’ the photograph sharing the cover shows two saddened Iraqi women who are watching U.S. troops detain young men from their village. I see how often you are negative to what we are doing there, and it makes me wonder whose side you’re on.” First Lt. Randall Cornelison, Baghdad.

The Stars & Stripes during World War II continually criticized the high brass. General Eisenhower insisted they have freedom of press because he believed the war was about retaining American freedoms. The lieutenant, in effect, wants the Stars & Stripes to only say positive things. That would be a lie. Surveys of our fighting men and women in Iraq indicate at least 40% are disgusted with the war. Those voices must be heard. President Bush lied about the causes of the war and we are living with his lies. It’s time to end protecting liars.