Cheney Confident and Not Concerned

Vice President Dick Cheney is confident the famous “surge” is working and there is dramatic evidence of progress in Iraq. He is awaiting the September report of General Petraeus with confidence it will demonstrate clear evidence the surge policies of President Bush have been correct. The Vice President said he is not worried that many people don’t like him. “Remember success for a politician is 50 percent plus one.”

The vice president’s comment reflects a fundamental problem with the Bush conduct of this war. In American history, presidents during wartime have put politics aside and focused on uniting the nation in a struggle. President Roosevelt appointed Republicans to the cabinet in WWII and President Kennedy did so during Vietnam. A politician’s job during wartime is not, “50 percent plus one,” but 100% in a united effort to gain victory. Cheney continues demonstrating that politics rather than patriotism has always guided his actions.