China, Russia, Iran

Three nations supper the current status quo in Syria–China, Iran and Russia. Each believes the downfall of President Bashar al-Assad will impact their national interests, and if protecting themselves is vital then the hell with the people of Syria. A thousand deaths here or there is rather unimportant in the scheme of life so allow Death to proceed without any interference. Each warns the US or Europe to avoid bombing the man who bombs because, since he is president of the country that gives him permission to kill the people of Syria. To allow an American or Englishman or Frenchman to kill a Syrian is simply an act of murder and these nations believe in the rule of law and order. Of course, by law and order they mean the legal right to kill a Syrian is reserved to the government of Syria.

Naturally, the CRI believe in the sanctity of Death. If we allow ANY nation to kill then it means Death has lost all meaning. Just think how wonderful it is for people in Syria to be murdered by their own president? How many people in this world have such an opportunity. They are murdered by strangers. If a nation is truly a “democracy”then it means death by those who know you–and hate you-is the only path to Heaven.