Combat Pay Abused

The war in Iraq is the first in nearly a hundred and fifty years in which no general has been killed in action. During the Civil War, generals frequently raised their swords and led attacks. Rep. Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawaii, of the House Armed Services committee recently blasted mid-grade and senior service members of planning trips into Iraq and Afghanistan that have little or no practical purpose other than to qualify them for a month’s worth of danger pay and combat zone tax exclusions.

“I am outraged,” he said. “This has got to stop. There are people out there being shot at every day for real, not for some made-up reason. There are people cheating, and they know who they are if they are making up reasons to visit the war zone just for the benefits…while we are here talking, somebody is dying in Iraq while somebody else is scheming how to make up a trip to the Green Zone for the weekend so that they can buy a new pickup truck.”

There is no doubt people are cheating. But isn’t the cheating symbolic of a culture within the White House and the cabinet of cheating and lying? Alberto Gonzales “can’t remember,” “Brownie” is doing a “heck of a job” handling Katrina, and Halliburton is making billions off a war. The origin of cheating lies in failure on the part of George Bush to demand everyone become serious about the war in Iraq. That means no one profits from the war. That means everyone, including the wealthy, pay taxes. That means a draft to ensure everyone serves the nation. I assure one and all, if we got that serious, the war in Iraq would be concluded within a month.
Information from Marine Corps Times