Conflict In Dyala Province As Police and Sunnis Clash

Fierce clashes erupted in Diyala province between Sunni militia, which are supporting the US effort to fight al-Qaeda, and local Iraqi police. Tensions between Sunni and Shiite forces center around rival claims of unfair treatment. It is reported in Azzaman that American troops have been assisting the Iraqi police fight against the Sunni who were trained by the American armed forces. Azzaman also reported Baghdad municipal workers claim half the capital lacks adequate water supplies.

The American media and military reports things are improving in Iraq, but Iraqi newspapers like Azzaman present a different story. For example, the newspaper claims last week U.S. gunships attacked the village of Zad in northern Iraq and killed eight people including five children. “This incident took place last week and U.S. and Iraqi sources have kept it under wraps.” Obviously, writing from the United States it is difficult to ascertain the reality of what is happening in Iraq. This war is characteized by an inability of the American or international press to gain access to on-the-scene accounts.