Confusion Over Provisions Of New GI Bill

The recently passed bill that guarantees veterans a modern version of the GI Bill of Rights apparently contains some errors of omission that must be corrected. The office of Senator Jim Webb of Virginia who pushed for the bill expressed surprise to learn the bill will not take effect until August 1, 2009 since it was the senator’s assumption the bill would immediately go into effect for this academic year. However, the Pentagon says there is no retroactive provision to allow such an action. The bill also raises a problem for those veterans currently enrolled in the Montgomery Bill which requires them to make a contribution to their education. There is no provision allowing those veterans to immediately switch over to the new bill which pays all tuition plus provides for living expenses.

We assume Congress will take swift action to remedy these problems in order to ensure all veterans of the opportunity this fall of enrolling in a new GI Bill of Rights. They have earned this right and minor errors should immediately be corrected. We are surprised the new bill does not contain the old bill’s provision allowing those seeking skill training to receive benefits. That is a needed provision of a revised bill.

  • CPL Walton

    Something is truely missing here. Most soldiers who signed up post 9/11 are out of the military and almost finished with their college educations at a cost of thousands in school loans. Now they expect soldiers to wait an additional year to recieve benifits desperately needed? This soldier is dropping out of college and working full time to repay loans, waiting for a bill that was signed into law to take effect more than a year later. How does this administration turn everything good into something bad?

  • Fred Stopsky

    you make excellent points. I was covered by the Korean War GI Bill. We didn’t have the problems posed by the current administration.

  • Bruce Ellis (Mad as H..)

    Great I will be finishing my 4 year degree next year after racking up thousands in student loans and now I will have to pay these loans off while every other veterans tuition will be payed of in full. Gotta love this government:>