Court Martial For Navy Gitmo Lawyer

The general court-martial of Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Diaz began on May 14th, in what is expected to be a five-day proceeding over allegations that he sent “secret” information about government detainees to a civil rights lawyer. He allegedly sent the names of 500 detainees to civil rights lawyer Barbara Olshansky.

In the government’s opening statements, prosecutor Lt. James Hoffman accused Diaz of providing information that was classified because he had his “own unknown personal agenda.” The defense attorney, Lt. Justin Henderson, argued the information was not labeled as being classified and that Diaz never had any intention of harming the United States of America. He was facing “a real moral dilemma” and a “crisis of conscience.”

Barbara Olshansky is working to aid those imprisoned and immediately turned over all documents when she became aware they were classified. I find it confusing that a lawyer can be viewed as acting against the interests of the United States of America because she wants those accused to enjoy the right to a free trial. The long term interests of this nation will be secured by men like Diaz and woman like Olshansky because fifty years from now their efforts will be studied as examples of those who stood by the Constitution when many tore it to pieces in the name of security.
Information from Navy Times