Democrats Protect Veterans

Once again, the Democratic Party has come to the rescue of our fighting men and women with introduction of a new bill — Senate Bill S 1606 – which ensures that anyone who left the military after September, 2001 after being wounded in action now is guaranteed access to the full range of treatments and rehabilitative services available in VA hospitals. Believe it or not, there is no such guarantee after four years of war in Iraq.

There will be a minimum severance pay of one year for those wounded and anyone separated after September, 2001 who received severance pay for disabilities will automatically have their case reviewed. This proviso is necessary since there have been numerous stories of severely disabled veterans being denied adequate compensation for their wounds. The new bill provides assistance for family members.

During the past six years I repeatedly have been told by Republican followers of Bush that Democrats want to cut and run while their beloved leader stands up for those fighting. I suspect he stands far, far away from any physical contact with fighting and when it comes to cutting and running, just examine the Bush record on providing assistance to those wounded in the service of their nation. He did not hire the best qualified people to run the VA just as he only hires those who are loyal Republicans. Bush places his party before nation just as gaining political victory comes before the needs of those who fight.