Department of Defense Boasts Iraqi Army is Taking the Lead

According to a press release from the Armed Forces Press Service, as of June, 2007, Iraqi Army battalions were in the lead in half of the provinces of Iraq. According to the Defense Department, there were nearly 350,000 trained and equipped Iraqi Security Forces.

I recall very vividly during the Bush-Kerry debates, the president telling the nation there were over 150,00 well trained Iraqi soldiers. If in 2004, there were 150,000 well trained Iraqi soldiers why did we need a “surge” of American troops in 2007? As someone old enough to recall the war in Vietnam and claims by the Department of Defense concerning how the South Vietnam army was doing great, as well as giving the American public daily counts of dead Viet Cong soldiers who were killed by bombers there is a tiny bit of cynicism in my mind whenever the DOD makes any statement.

Ask any American service man or woman in Iraq how much they trust the “trained and equipped” Iraqi army. Bush not only lied about WMD but he lied about preparedness of the Iraqi army. It is time the DOD showed respect for the servicemen and women as well as the American public. Speak the truth for once and knock off these fairy tales about well trained and equipped Iraqi troops.