Did You Ever Get the Feeling You Wanted to Go, Stay, Go, Stay?

Three confusing Administration comments about Iraq.
1. General Petraeus from Baghdad: “I think historically, counterinsurgency operations have gone at least nine or 10 years. The question is, of course, at what level?”
2. Ryan Cocker, Ambassador to Iraq: The situation in Iraq is “a mixed picture, but certainly not a hopeless one.”
3. Senator Mitch McDonell, Republican Senate leader said the size of US presence in the fall will be different. “I don’t think we’ll have the same level of troops, in all likelihood, that we have now.”

I gather from these comments American forces will either be fighting in Iraq in 2017 or back home by the fall of 2007. After listening to repeated Bush attacks upon Democratic leaders for failing to “support our troops” by calling for getting them home, what does he term the comment by a prominent Republican leader to get the troops home by the fall? But, then again, the general he appointed is mumbling about fighting in 2017 while his ambassador doesn’t know if progress is being made or if things are getting worse.

Does one get the feeling George Bush is simply lost? He wants to stay, but, he wants to go. His moral fiber will not allow leaving, but his party is begging for him to get out of Iraq. He is furious at those who wish to cut and run, but his party wants to get the hell out of Iraq as soon as possible.

George, there is only one solution. Why not form an International Neo-Conservative Brigade led by great warriors such as William Kristol and others of his ilk, and give them Baghdad. Or how about a Christians For WarPeace Army which will vanquish terrorism by reciting prayers 24 hours a day in support of war in order to obtain peace? I am certain right wing hot air will compel any terrorist to flee from the stink and heat of neo-conservative rhetoric.