Dishonor Of Honor

There is something that is called “honor killing” which refers to acts of violence against a member of the family who fails to adhere to certain family standards of behavior. Four Danish people were arrested on charges they imprisoned, stripped, whipped and attempted to strangle a 17 year old Muslim Danish girl. No, she did not rob a store, no, she did not become a prostitute, no she did not insult anyone, yes, she did speak to a boy at high school who was not of the Muslim faith. The girl’s parents lied to their own daughter saying they were going to visit her brother. When she arrived at the home the family had a gathering to inflict punishment on the girl had a Danish boyfriend who was not a Muslim.

I can readily understand this idea since I was raised as an Orthodox Jew who believed in staying with your “own kind.” Yes, this assault on human dignity is done in the name of protecting children. Yes, beating and humiliating is done with the goal of providing assistance. No, this is not assistance, it is religious abuse.