Do Iraqis Deserve Asylum?

The Swedish government is confused as to why there is an uproar over its decision to return some former residents of Baghdad to their homes in that lovely city by the banks of a nice river and plenty of sunshine throughout the year. The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, for some strange reason believes there is violence in the fair city of Baghdad. They even claim people in Iraq confront some sort of violence in their nation. I believe former President George Bush made clear that violence in Iraq had ended due to his famous “surge” and anyone could walk the streets of Baghdad in safety. Heck, when Senator John McCain visited the city last year all he required were a few helicopters flying overhead and some soldiers to walk along side of him when he took stroll. Why can’t these damn asylum seekers hire a few helicopters and some armed men when they go out shopping?

It is time Iraqis realized there no longer is any violence in their land. The Swedish government is convinced, George Bush is convinced, John McCain is convinced, why not simply repeat a dozen times, “there is no violence in Iraq.” and there will be none. Sorry, you asylum seekers have a mental problem, not a physical one.

  • Jonny Moore

    I am a lecturer at one of the colleges in Kerbala- Iraq, and I can confirm that there is no security in Kerbala & Baghdad is worse. I have lost one of my brothers last summer & lost the other in this summer due to bombs in Kerbala. So, I am really surprised how can any guy say that the security in Iraq is now fine?