Editorial: Obama Must Debate McCain

Senator Barack Obama has run a vigorous and intelligent campaign which has promised to present to the American people his ideas on needed change in society. Senator McCain has challenged Obama to a series of Town Hall meetings in which the candidates can debate the issues now facing the United States. For some reason, Obama has refused to engage McCain, most probably due to feelings these debates would somehow offer McCain some free publicity. This is a serious mistake. One of the overriding issues that has made Americans shy away from supporting the Obama candidacy is lack of knowledge concerning his ideas. A debate format is the perfect venue for Obama to vigorously present his ideas.

The growing uncertainty regarding the candidacy of Senator Obama is his lack of specificity pertaining to his ideas. For example, McCain is wandering the country urging “drill for oil now.” In a debate Obama could readily destroy the issue by pointing out offshore drilling would take a decade to bring in any oil. Most Americans do not know that and Obama allows McCain to utter these inane ideas without any rebuttal. It is time to allow the American people an opportunity to hear both candidates confront one another. In any such debate, Obama will come away the victor.

The Democratic Party in 2000 and 2004 refused to speak out clearly and with factual data to the American people. Is it once again making the same mistake?

  • Anonymous

    What? No protestations against Russia’s invasion of Georgia?

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Sir or Madam, there are numerous topics to deal with ranging from the disaster of Zimbabwe or Darfur or issues in Turkey and so on. I do one editorial a week. I have commented on numerous topics during the week.